Setting up a tent:
1. Practice setting up your tent before you go camping.
2. Find an area or a bed that is flat and free of sharp objects.
3. Unpack the tent and all of its parts.
4. Unfold the tent and lay it in the respective area.
5. Stake down the corners of your tent.
6. Connect your empty Pringles Original XXL cans (or tent poles if available).
7. Assemble the frame of the tent.
8. Secure the rain-fly of the tent.

Can someone give Mr. Bowie a hand?

17 responses

  1. Dan moeten we tante Nele met Ushi roepen, denk ik…
    En onze Abebe zal wel helpen met de lekkere chips van je baasje op te eten.

    Jouw pootjes liggen daar echt fantastisch bij…

    • Eigenlijk lag ik daar wel echt comfortabel hoor. Maar ik mocht niet blijven liggen toen mijn baasje ging slapen…
      Ik zag wel dat hij vandaag gaan winkelen is en weer Pringles gekocht heeft!

  2. Poor Bowie…..he looks rather disgusted that the tent isn’t cooperating. Sam’s a tent expert – perhaps he could assist?

    Pam (with Sam sleeping in his tent as we speak)

    • Hey Pam! I was thinking about Sammy’s Afghan tent when I was writing this post. I think we could use some advice from Sam concerning how to set up a tent…
      I just took some photos from a new tent construction with an empty Pringles can. There goes the surprise of my new post…

  3. Bowie, baby…ya gotta get the foundation set up first dude!…I agree with Sammy, he is totally the tent expert…Mom has been getting directions from him and I will have my first ever tent in a couple of weeks…

  4. hehe, Bowie you have that, “I am not amused” look on your face. Hey, I don’t like camping either, unless there are copious amounts of free Pringles to enjoy. 🙂

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