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  1. Geez, they could have done that in less cruel ways! How’s about creating CG cats? Or if they REALLY wanted the cats to look real, they could have blue screened it and done the cat tossing on a soft surface, like a big pillow or something! People can be so mean. 😦

  2. I know a cat who will accidentally sleep on the artist’s face for a wrap of catnip and some tuna. Cat testicles are almost exactly the right size to block human nostrils. Please burn this message after reading!

  3. There is no link on this post or the post it links to, but graphic footage is viewable here (discretion advised) http://youtu.be/wWWdFgDsJtM and if you don’t want to watch, I will tell you that the cats are audibly complaining and are obviously falling awkwardly on hard, uneven surfaces outside of any ‘crash mats’ provided.

    It’s a law suit in the making, people. If that’s any consolation.

    • Thank you Mark for the extra information.
      It’s a real big story over here (TV news, radio news, news papers…). I just heard the ‘artist’ on the radio news saying that he doesn’t understand what’s all the fuss about…

      • I think the fact that it’s on film means that the people involved will be legally accountable. Let’s hope this case sends out a warning to people who abuse animals.

  4. The so-called artist “doesn’t understand what the fuss is about” because he’s a complete idiot. There are so many ways to express things in the world of art – cruelty doesn’t need to be one. I just HATE things like this……….


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