Imitation of Life

Eat, drink and be scary. In this part of the world we don’t celebrate Halloween though it’s becoming more popular over here year to year. I personally don’t like it. But hey, I don’t mind if people want to celebrate Halloween. I don’t mind if people give me chocolates.

Mr. Bowie on the other hand, seems to like the idea of celebrating Halloween. Looking at his face, I think he wants me to carve a killer pumpkin.

Is that a smile on your face Mr. Bowie? Just wondering… 

30 responses

  1. What an incredible expression…..personally I think he’s posing for a pumpkin face to enter in Sammy’s pumpkin decorating contest…..but maybe that’s just wishful thinking!


    • What a coincidence Pam! I was thinking about Sammy’s pumpkin decorating contest when I saw this picture… I’m going to ask Mr. Bowie’s permission to use his face…

  2. That’s a great photo!
    I didn’t realize until recently that Halloween is kind of an American thing…A blogger from Australia mentioned that it wasn’t celebrated there either. That’s interesting to me. In America, it is has recently become the holiday on which the second most amount of money is spent (after Christmas).

    • Well it’s becoming more popular over here too but it doesn’t feel natural… it feels artificial and commercial (for us Western Europeans). But we love the Halloween movies though! 😉

  3. Hi Herman, Just happened upon your blog. Love that you found such a creative way to uplift and entertain your readers and share your love for Bowie. Wonderful photography too. I’m happy to have found your blog. 🙂

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