Analysis has always been the key to the unknown. Mr. Bowie believes that his mission is to provide peace of mind, and to maintain safety and contribute to human health through the development of new technology and ideas. Mr. Bowie’s water analysis are highly precise, extremely reliable and easy to operate.

Continuous simultaneous and high-precision measurement of the temperature.


The goal is to investigate the influence of smell on taste.


Generate safety and efficacy data for health interventions.

26 responses

  1. Sammy does water analysis prior to indulging in a slurp…..since he has extra toes on his front paws they function quite nicely as a water scooping mechanism – frequently he drinks from his paw rather than risking getting his chin wet……heaven forbid………GREAT photos of your official household water analysis expert.


    • Oh Bugs, that’s beautiful said… There should be more cats like Mr. Bowie – working for our environmental benefits.

  2. Cole tests the water coming out of the bathtub faucet for us. He just does not have the finesse that Bowie has. No using the paws, he just gets right down to business.

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