Hail! Hail!

Hail! Hail! Mr. Bowie. According to WordPress this should be my 1000th post. Hail myself. I bought Mr. Bowie a new bowl to celebrate this event. But I think there’s something wrong with it. Mr. Bowie doesn’t seem to like it. Wait a minute… Maybe because it’s empty?

Just wondering, has anyone read all these posts? Thanks for hanging around!

Hail! Hail! Mr. Bowie. Volgens WordPress zou dit mijn 1000ste bericht moeten zijn. Nooit gedacht dat het zo ver zou komen. Is er iemand die al deze berichten gelezen heeft? Hmm, ik denk het wel… Iedereen bedankt voor het lezen, volgen en reageren. U bent een fijn publiek.

Peace, love & respect.

64 responses

  1. Hey! That bowl looks really familiar! I once saw it on a webshop, but then I forgot the webshops address. Hahaha.
    Congratulations Bowie! Hope you got something tasty in your new bowl!

  2. Congratulations on 1000….that’s HUGE. Love Bowie’s new bowl – very handsome…..however you certainly can tell from that face that he’s a bit disappointed the bowl didn’t come “pre-filled” with something YUMMY.

    Pam and Sam

    • Thank you my dear friends. Going to get Bowie something YUMMY tomorrow. He really deserves this after 1000 posts…

    • Thank you for all your wonderful comments. They make me laugh and feel good. Okay okay, I’m going to get some tasty food for Mr. B.

  3. I just love your posts on Mr. Bowie and am always delighted when I see there is a new one! He is such a sweetie and your witty words always make me laugh – I wish I had discovered your blog sooner! The bowl is so beautiful: fit for a king 🙂

    • Thank you Letizia for keep coming back and giving such nice comments.
      Wish I bought two bowls – one for Mr. Bowie and one for me!

  4. An understated Zen bowl. Empty is its being in its natural state. Filled is just an illusion. Mr. Bee knows this. He will return this bowl to its empty natural state, very quickly but mindfully.

    1,000. Lots of zeros in there. Aspiring to emptiness-awareness, your friend –Bugs

    • Oh thank you my dear Bugs for all these wise words. Now I know that eating chocolate is just an illusion! Can I get an extra bar please?

    • Thank you very much. I’m really surprised to find myself still blogging. Mr. Bowie must be the reason, no doubt about that…

  5. Everything looks better when served on a pedestal (like pastries and birthday cake). Your new dish looks pretty fancy, I always like when the butler announces “dinner is served”…kidding, I don’t have a butler. Thanks for all the Bowie moments, you are my guilty pleasure since pastries are off limits.

    • Ha ha ha… pastries are off limits, really?!? Oh my poor girl… I just finished another chocolate bar while watching ‘Prometheus’ for the second time…
      Thank you very much for hanging around and giving all these nice comments.

  6. Congratulations. I just joined you a few months ago, but I always enjoy your style, monochrome, brief comments, always thought provoking. Give that boy some tuna water.

    • Thank you Bernadette, I really appreciate your visits and comments on HoB.
      Going to the shop tomorrow to get Mr. B some delicious treats. Tuna water? Don’t know if they got that…

    • Thank you very much. I think I’m going in the right direction. Today I’m going to post 1001 – another 999 to go…

  7. Holy cow-spotted cat! 1000 POSTS! Your new bowl is quite fancy, but I would expect to see it full of prime rib or cream or fish heads or something equally decadent in celebration. You may want to consider renegotiating your contract for the next 1000, Mr. Bowie.

    Congratulations, by the way…

    • Hey my dear friend, thank you. I went to the pet shop today and bought lots of delicious food for Mr. Bowie.
      About the contract… no can do. Mr. Bowie signed 3 years ago for a ‘5000 post’ contract!

    • Thank you. I just had to buy this bowl when I saw it in the shop. And in combination with Bowie you’ll get a beautiful picture…

  8. That looks a very cool bowl. Very stylish. I agree it needs something in it but you’ll need to go minimal to keep with the theme. Just a sprat or whatever it is you cats eat, and a little shaved carrot for garnish.
    Style is my thing you know – Zena xxx

    • Welcome on HoB Zena! Thank you for following my blog.
      That bowl looks so cool that I want to use it too. But I think Mr. Bowie won’t let me…

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