On The Move

Press forward. My Dad sold his house. You can read about it in this post. He’s moving next Friday to a comfortable apartment in the centre of the town. It’s an emotional ride for all of us. Fortunately, Dad’s looking forward to move to his apartment.

Jones isn’t moving along with Dad. We are still a little sad that she’s over the Rainbow Bridge. Jones died in July. We miss her everyday.

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  1. Ah yes, I remember when Jones went over the Bridge…..and I’m sure his spirit will go with your Dad to his new apartment. It’s nice that he’s looking forward to the move – makes it somewhat easier all the way around.

    Pam and Sam

  2. What a great relief for both you and your dad, he really looks happy! While moving is hard, it does offer new opportunities and experiences. So sorry to hear he lost his beloved pet. it’s so difficult to let go, hopefully what they say is true, “change is as good as a rest”. Best of Luck in your new home papa!

    • Thank you Kelly. Tomorrow is a big day. We were filling boxes the whole evening. Tomorrow at 7:30 am we’re starting to move things over to the apartment. Maybe I’ll post something about it…

  3. To all of the comments above, thank you… we are feeling very emotional the last week but we will look forward and will get there!

  4. Ik ben echt heel content dat de Ba er zoveel zin in heeft. Ik geniet mee van jullie verhalen.
    Jammer dat Ms Jones niet mee kan verhuizen.

    • Ja, we praten nog regelmatig over Jones en hoe leuk het zou zijn geweest als zij ook nog had kunnen verhuizen. En ook de gedachten van onze broer en moeder komen veel naar boven. Zeer emotioneel en zwaar allemaal deze dagen…

      PS: De Telenet-man staat morgenvroeg om 7:30u al aan de deur. De verhuis start dus extra vroeg!

    • My Dad keeps talking about Jones. It would have been great if she was still around… But hey, we’re going to make the best out of it tomorrow while we’re moving his stuff over to the apartment!

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