Table Manners and Etiquette

I’m so hungry… How long do you wait for your food after ordering? Can I talk while chewing? If I really have to say something, do I put my paw in front of my mouth while talking? Do you give a tip if the service is bad?

I like the view from here though… Hmm, what’s keeping the service? Uh, waiter! Garçon..? Garçon..!?!

20 responses

  1. Don’t you just HATE it when you have to wait??? Waiters don’t wait…they give you “the look” when you take too long to decide what to order…why should patrons wait – right? Hope you didn’t have to wait long for that meal to arrive Mr. Bowie….you DO look hungry!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. What do you have to do to get a drink in this place? Better order two when they finally get round. It’s happened to me too. I possibly would leave a tip, but a minor one…like “don’t use a curling iron in the shower” (hehe).

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