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    • I was having my coffee (with dark chocolate of course) this morning when I saw that handsome fellow sitting outside in the morning sun. So I grabbed my camera and the rest is history…

  1. I can’t tell, is that a smile or a smirk? Well, either way, you do make that garden look irresistible. For some reason you kind of remind me of Mr French (Bulter, old 60’s sitcom)

    • A smile or a smirk… that’s for me to know!
      Me and my dad’s garden – indeed a very good combination. Never heard of Mr. French though… Is he in Family Affair (ask Google)?

  2. hij lijkt toch hard op z’n oma 😉
    spijtig heeft Ushi ondertussen iets aan haar oogje, die van Bowie zijn echt zo mooi!!

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