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  1. Hopefully Mr. Bowie will just accept the fact that the catnip plant does need a bit of water from time to time…..and just grab a bite of catnip another time! Sam doesn’t react AT ALL to catnip – maybe he’s not 100% cat?? 😀


  2. Oh o, who dare soak your lovely nip? Bowie, make a kink in the hose…then when the gardener looks at the nozzle, you un-kink it..hehe, (best viewed from hidden place….behind that bush should do)

  3. I beg to differ in that not all cats like catnip. My cat is proof of this. Oh, I’ve tried, but she just won’t take. I did, however, recently discover that she likes coffee flavored ice cream. She’s really not allowed to have it, but she managed a few licks of my spoon the other week and it was clear she enjoyed what she tasted. Silly cat.

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