Message From My Cat #12

Dirty windows. I can hardly see anything out there. There should be a blue moon… I think. Who’s that strange looking man with a camera? Someone should clean the windows. Keeping the windows clean and clear is very important for me.

Editor’s Note: Dear Mr. Bowie, is that you behind the window? I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you. I plead guilty but washing windows is a tiresome chore. No fulltime biographer and paparazzi would do such things. So, what are you doing for a living? 

31 responses

  1. Looks like home entirely. I live in a condo and someone is to arrive to do these things, but they also think once a year is suffice….urrgg. I bought an extending window brush but I get more of a wash than the windows. Bowie, you always look so confident and sure of life even thru the smudgy window.

  2. My windows are clean, except for one window in the office where there seem to be vertical cat paw prints on it. Zoey the Cool Cat likes to paw on the window thinking that she’s going to get to the mourning doves just inches away. Ha!

  3. Dear Bowie,

    Do you ever want to photograph Herman all over the house? We are planning on stealing mama’s camera and catching her unawares as revenge for the recent posts. Hahahaha. Shhhh!!! Dylan and Bagheera

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