It’s Only Me

Surprise surprise surprise! Why do you look so surprised Mr. Bowie? It’s only me, your personal biographer. Your private paparazzi. Who did you expect? Are you having a bad day? Being in a bad mood is not that bad. It happens to all of us. Let it pass, simply wait it out. Do you want some ice cream?

22 responses

    • Ik was foto’s aan ‘t trekken van de tuin voor de Zen-blog en plots kwam Mr. Bowie in ‘t beeld… En ja, ik mis de zomer al…

    • In other words, I must not exaggerate? Hmm… an ice cream bribe – been there, done that, might do it again!

    • Don’t know… he appeared out of nowhere. Guess he was wondering what I was doing in his territory. I just pulled out the camera but Mr. Bowie chased me out of the garden.

    • My dear Texas, you should turn your new invention idea into money! Get a patent for your invention today… You’ll be able to buy all the nip in the world!

  1. Love the parallel two-step, Mr. Bee. You are an excellent boy and I hope you will learn that by interfering with your peace of mind this way, your biographer is bringing joy to many people around the world. A small trade-off for your loss of privacy? Can you dig it? No? I thought perhaps not.

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