Prière du Chat

Dearly Beloved. We are gathered here today in the presence of Bowie to get through this thing called Hands on Bowie. Let’s say a prayer for everyone involved with cats.

Today’s post is dedicated to my French speaking friends and followers of HoB. Maybe someone can help me with a translation… (just kidding!). Mr. Bowie received another beautiful postcard (with a prayer) from my good friends Joke, Seb and Abebe.  They spend their summer holidays in the South of France.

Do not treat me like a slave,
You’d make me a wreck.
Do not take me for anyone
Because I’m your friend
Do not forget to love me.
And I will love you.
And I will be cuddly
When you take me in your hands.

24 responses

  1. We vinden het altijd leuk om op zoek te gaan naar een kaartje voor Bowie.
    Maar dit jaar was het heel moeilijk omdat we ergens in de midi-pyreneeën zaten waar toerisme bijna onbekend is, maar `t is toch gelukt 🙂 .

    • Ja… en hoe! Er komen al onmiddellijk veel reacties binnen op deze post.
      Bedankt voor dit mooie en originele kaartje.

      Ik moet bekennen dat jullie ‘voorgeschoten’ zijn. Er liggen nog andere kaartjes te wachten op publicatie. Sorry Annemie en Ferdinand & Hilde…

  2. That is lovely 😉 we think that there is another thing that Mr Bowie should have on his wall:

    Put me not on a pedestal
    lest I be denied the humility that is yours

    But then again, he is a cat and by divine right he can probably ignore humility until the cows come home 😀

    • Ha ha ha… so well said. A single conversation with a wise person (or a cat) is better than ten years of study.

    • Thank you very much for nominating my blog with this new award. Bowie says “Meow!” Now go out there and get yourself some extra nip my dear friend…

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