A Wild One

I’m a real wild one
An’ I like a wild fun
In a world gone crazy
Everything seems hazy
I’m a wild one
Ooh yeah I’m a wild one

Gotta break it loose
Gonna keep ’em movin’ wild
Gonna keep a swingin’ baby
I’m a real wild child

I’m a wild one
I’m a wild one
I’m a wild one
Oh baby
I’m a wild one

(“Real Wild Child” – Iggy Pop)

32 responses

    • Yes, he does but Iggy still rocks! Raw Power!!
      Okay, almost nap time for both of us…

      PS: There we go again – can’t get that song out of my head…

      • Iggy did, does and will always rock. We have a cat called Iggy Pop – he turned up as a kitten virtually dead with starvation – our next thought was ‘oh dear, what if he does?’ He didn’t and now looks much more like Lou Reed 😉

        • Ha ha ha… ‘looks much more like Lou Reed’ – great story. Iggy and Zowie were also on my list of possible names for Bowie…
          Lou Reed, another intriguing rocker.

  1. From Dylan and Bagheera in St. Paul, MN…wow, you are very, very handsome. We apologize for our slightly demented human. For some reason, her ‘like’ clicks multiplied on several photos of you. *sigh*

    • Hey Dylan and Bagheera (and your human…) thanks, welcome on HoB and thank you for visiting and following my blog. Appreciate it. Bowie says “Meow!” to you all…

    • Thanks for your information and welcome on HoB. I should have double-checked my post… Sorry for giving Iggy Pop the credits but hey… Iggy Pop is linked to Bowie in real life! 😉

      I loved Dennis Quaid in “Great Balls of Fire!”. Loved the movie too.

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