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  1. Dear Caro, what a way to start my day! Thank you very much for putting my blog, or should I say Mr. Bowie, in the spotlight on your beautiful blog. I’m truly honored and so is Mr. Bowie I guess.
    I’d also like to thank your good friend for the perfect translation of your post. I’m sure my Dutch and Belgian-Flemish readers will appreciate this.

    Thank you again for making my day. Bowie says “Meow!”

  2. What beautiful photos! Mr. Bowie seems to have quite the personality. I have a Mr. Dorian Gray that looks quite a lot like your Mr. Bowie, although he is a shelter cat and not a pure bred. We hebben hem bij het asiel in gent geadopteerd. 🙂

    • Welcome on HoB Leah. I just read your post about Dorian on your blog. He sure is a beautiful and intelligent cat with personality.
      You got a wonderful blog and your Dutch is excellent!

      • Thank you! Dorian is indeed beautiful, intelligent and full of personality. Sometimes he’s too intelligent because he usually finds a way to get whatever he wants with disregard for the rules his humans have made. 🙂 I look forward to seeing more photos of Bowie! Pleasant weekend!

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