Feels Like: 40° C

Summer is here. It’s past 7pm and it still feels like 40° Celsius. Hot today and even hotter tomorrow. Bowie doesn’t like this heat. You will find him hiding in the shadows. But wait! What is that we hear?

Well now, ice cream man, upon my street
I heard your truck outside, it’s really neat.
Ice cream man, upon my block
Your little chimes, they reel and they rock.
Ice cream man, ring your bell.
Play the music I’ve learned to love so well.
Ice cream man, ring your chimes
In the afternoon so fine.
Ice cream man, upon my street
I heard your truck today, it was a-neat, a-neat, a-neat.

(“Ice Cream Man” – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers)

36 responses

  1. Oh my goodness, I didn’t even know it got that hot where you are! I hope the heat breaks, better yet, we wish you the pleasant, partly cloudy, low humidity, almost autumnal 72-degree day we are having here in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, USA–a treasure after our similar heat waves and no air conditioning.

    • Wish I had air conditioning for days like this… Oh well, the heat wave should be over by Wednesday next week. And until then, there’s ice cream every evening!

  2. What a GREAT photo of Bowie beating the heat…..I totally agree with BOTH of you that ice cream is the perfect answer to a HOT day! YUM…..enjoy…..have one for me (make it two…one for me and one for Sam :D)!

    Pam (with Sam’s total approval)

    • Dear Letizia, I’m truly honored to be nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. This is new to me. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.
      It’s a pleasure knowing I can put a smile on your face with my posts. Comments like this keep me going.

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