Feel Good

Feeling good about ourselves is essential in our being able to love others. Bowie feels good today. I feel good today. It’s Sunday. The sun shines. We had breakfast outside. Coffee and dark chocolate. Bowie’s working on his tan and enjoying the nip.

My Dad and I were invited to a great lunch by Ilse, my favorite niece. We had home made French fries (from my Dad’s potatoes) and vegetarian vol-au-vent. What a delicious meal! Thank you my dear niece.

Just a perfect Sunday. Isn’t life grand?

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  1. Bowie looks quite happy getting some sun in the garden…..your breakfast AND lunch both sound delish. Lovely way to spend a Sunday I’d say! I’ve made french fries before but never from fresh garden potatoes….no doubt that’s a REAL treat. Enjoy the day………..

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Thanks, we’ll enjoy the rest of the day. Hmm, thinking about ice cream right now… 😉
      You really got to make French fries from fresh garden potatoes. It’s oh so delicious. Just like that ice cream I was talking about… 🙂

    • Thank you. It was a yummy meal indeed.
      Bowie is completely recovered from his fight 10 days ago. No more aching stiff paws. He’s enjoying his outdoor playtime again.

    • A vol-au-vent is a small hollow case of Danish Dough. To shape, cut the dough into squares, fold it in half into triangles and then use a knife to cut the short sides of the triangle leaving a small uncut gap. Unfold the triangle and fold the cut edges over to the opposite side and thus creating a border. Commonly filled with cherries, this pastry can be filled with other ingredients such as mushrooms, prawns, fruit, or cheese.
      Fricassee or Fricassée is any stewed dish typically made with poultry, although other types of white meat can be substituted. It is cut into pieces and then stewed in gravy, which is then thickened with butter and cream or milk. It often includes other ingredients and vegetables. (From Wikipedia)

      This delicious, creamy chicken fricassee is a classic Belgian recipe. Often served as a starter, but it is great as a main course as well, accompanied by plain rice, French fries or potato puree, for example.

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