A cat who wants time to read, write and play must let the grass grow long. Bowie loves grass. He eats grass. He likes laying under the grass. After some research Bowie’s still having a hard time to decide which blade of grass to get. So many choices.

You can do a lot of things with grass. I like blowing over a blade of grass stretched between your thumbs – it makes a high-pitched squealing noise that often attracts predators like blackbirds. I love laying in the grass and looking at the stars or gaze at the sky. Let my imagination run wild.

Bowie doesn’t like toys anymore but he loves playing with grass. Shall we play a game?

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    • I just counted the grass plants – 81 like the one(s) in the picture. That should be enough for Bowie… 😉

  1. Sam is a great admirer of “the green” himself…..he does a grand job keeping the grass along the edge of our sidewalk trimmed to what he feels is an appropriate length. Bowie looks quite engrossed in grass inspection in that first photo and quite happy to have someone tickle his fancy (or paws!) with the long grass in the next.

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Bowieke en H,

    We kunnen helaas de twee komende weken jullie avonturen niet volgen, maar zorg goed voor elkaar en tot snel

    • Hey Lela! One kitten passed away after a few weeks. One brother of Bowie, named Dixie, still lives with the mother cat, named Pritty. I see them both often when I’m visiting my friends.
      One of Bowie’s sisters (Tipi) lives in Leuven (a Belgian city) en another sister (Wallee) lives somewhere in the Netherlands.

      Baby Bowie looked cute, didn’t he? 😉

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