Bowie On Paper

Drawing is putting a line (a)round an idea. Alexandra, a student worker employee made a drawing of Bowie. It is based on the picture of the Whispers and Moans post. I really like this drawing. Bowie looks older and wiser, don’t you think?

Alexandra, een jobstudente heeft een mooie tekening gemaakt van Bowie. Ze baseerde zich op de foto van de Whispers and Moans post. Ik vind het echt een mooie tekening. Bowie ziet er wat ouder en wijzer uit, niet?

22 responses

  1. How lovely! To draw fur is really hard and this looks like you could stroke the picture, that’s good work. I hope Mr Bowie is also pleased with his likeness in art.

    • The fur looks so good that you would like to touch it. I’m so happy with this drawing. Bowie wasn’t interested though…

  2. Well done! Good technique on the fur – I use the old “finger smudge” technique with charcoal or pencil to get that soft look and it sort of looks like she may have done that too…..Alexandra did a lovely job capturing Mr. Bowie on paper.

    Pam (and Sam)

    • The fur looks so amazing, so beautiful.
      Just wondering – is there a “paw smudge” technique? Sammy…??

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