Come together. I have seen Bowie become the most loved and cherished friend of many children. Children love Bowie. Bowie loves children. But why does Bowie always have a serious look on his face and never laughs? Is it the British stiff upper lip or is he just plain arrogant?

We don’t care. We love him just the way he is.

30 responses

  1. Judging by his ears I think it’s more “Well, okay, I will allow you to stroke me but just so you know, when I get bored I am going to go and sit in the shrubbery.” 🙂

  2. Bowie kijkt inderdaad weer heel serieus…
    Of is hij droevig omdat jouw vakantie bijna gedaan is?
    Mss moet je de ene lachende foto van Bowie eens boven halen? Het bewijs dat er toch een smile kan verschijnen op zijn snoet.

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