Message From My Cat #10

Scarecrow. So, now there are two of us here. How about that you arrogant birds! Okay, maybe my little friend needs a paint job and some roller skates. Make no mistake. We do not come in peace. While I sleep my little friend goes to work.

Editor’s Note: Dear Mr. Bowie, this is a brilliant idea! But please, give some credits to Animalcouriers for the inspiration.

31 responses

    • Dit was wel één van de beste foto’s. Gelukkig was Bowie heel geduldig zodat ik voldoende foto’s kon nemen.

  1. Wonderful! We saw the suggestion from AnimalCouriers and thought it was a super idea – now Bowie can be EVERYWHERE…..all his twin needs is a paint job (and the roller skate and perhaps a long string attached so you can “magically” move him from afar!!!).

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. That’s the best kitty to share the garden with, he’ll work 7/24, you’ll get all the attention, kibble & treats…bravo Bowie, I love when a plan comes together (to quote Col. Smith alla ‘A Team’).

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