That’s so true. Bowie has to try different things to see what works best. Other cats and humans get impatient with that.

This morning Mr. Bowie was waiting and wondering patiently how to get a blackbird out of that tree. Eventually the blackbird came down from the tree and messed up my garden. Mr. Bowie was inside the house, taking a nap.

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    • Thank you very much my dear friend Sammy! That’s indeed very cool on a Monday morning. Appreciate this.
      Bowie is feeling better and says “Meow!” to you.

    • Did he just get bored? – I think so. Guess the blackbird was more patient and won the ‘Staring at each other’ contest.

  1. Voel mee met Bowie want van stramme spieren ken ik alles van de laatste tijd…maar voel me nu ook al beter…!!!

    • Two blackbirds are constantly scratching the mulch (tree bark) in my garden. I have to sweep it back every day. That’s no real problem on the tiled floor from the terrace but difficult on the pebbles.

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