Bowie got into a fight. Last night around 11pm I heard an angry catfight noise. I ran outside but couldn’t find Bowie or the other cat. After one hour Bowie showed up. He had a small cut above the eye and lost lots of fur. I disinfected the small wound. I suspect the cat from an earlier post, Fan Club. I don’t know how she/he got in or out of the garden. Bowie was all upset and so was I.

Bowie seems kind of slow this morning. Maybe he needs to recover from that fight? I’m going back to the vet’s office if his situation doesn’t change later today. Poor Mr. Bowie.

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    • He looks a lot better this evening. The vet told me it will take 3 days to get the ‘old’ Bowie back. (That’s a Flemish expression.) Thanks for your reply.

  1. Ocharme Bowie, dan doe je er alles aan om Bowie binnen in de tuin te houden maar dan zijn er nog van die artiesten die binnen geraken!
    Ik moet zeggen ik heb ook een poes die klautert ook tegen het poortje bij ons omhoog zonder moeite hoor.
    Soigneer hem maar goed hé Herman!

    • Hopelijk heeft ‘die artiest’ een goed pak rammel gekregen zodat we hem/haar hier niet meer gaan tegenkomen…

  2. Oei Herman. Da’s geen goed nieuws. Pas goed opdat het niet infecteert hè. Misschien toch op voorhand naar de arts? Zeker is zeker.

    • Ben bij de dierenarts geweest (zonder Bowie). Ik moet 3 dagen afwachten en de wonde af en toe reinigen. Bowie zou maandag weer de oude moeten zijn.

  3. Uh oh…..Bowie the Watchcat with an injury sustained in his duty to protect his house and garden. I hope the wound heals quickly, the fur grows back well, and some nice long naps give him his energy back. It’s not easy being the Protector of the Castle…..

    Pam (and Sam)

  4. Chicks dig battle scars … Maar of dat ook geldt voor poezebeesten??? Veel beterschap Bowie, en dat mag je je baasje echt niet meer aandoen hoor!

    • He’s already feeling better this evening. Still walking around slow but in the end he will get there!

  5. I totally missed this! What a guy to defend his territory! Glad he’s okay, but keep an eye on him, sometimes infections from fights show up a few days later, and cat bites can be very serious but well-hidden.

    • I talked with my vet yesterday. She told me to keep an eye on Bowie the next 3 days. By Monday Bowie should be alright.

  6. The intruder looks almost like a mountain lion. Twice the size of Mr. Bowie! He probably will want to head in earlier before the lion arrives from now on. Yikes, be safe Mr. Bowie!

  7. My current kitties can’t go out because we live downtown and busy streets are all around but we had a lovely black cat when we lived in the country and I used to run all over the neighbourhood if Paco was out and I’d hear a fight…I’d be worried sick. Hope Bowie got a piece of the scoundrel!

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