Getting Ready

Getting ready for the weekend. Okay, this should get me through the weekend – 1 kg of Belgian pralines and some other stuff. Also bought myself a present, ‘In One Person’, John Irving’s new novel.  I love John Irving and have read all his novels – except ‘Last Night in Twisted River’.

What about these lovely fridge magnets? Got them on my way out of the shopping mall.

Though it was very unfortunate that I couldn’t buy some new cat toys in this shop. I double-checked the store Mr. Bowie, just to be sure.

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  1. Nice shopping list! You’re ready for the weekend – and no doubt Bowie will forgive that you didn’t bring HIM something – after all, your birthday is coming so you deserve a treat.

    Pam (with Sam)

    • You’re right Pam, I think I deserve a little treat tomorrow. Something like a big box full of chocolates! Wondering if I can handle 1 kg… 😉

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    • Dank je wel Wiske. Na een gezond ontbijt (verse worteltjes uit de tuin van de Ba) ga ik nu starten met Nespresso en pralines. Helaas alleen want Sis is naar de Zoo in Antwerpen…

  3. No cat toy?
    My human says she loves the magnet and misses Belgian chocolate… Although she adds there is a Neuhaus in Grand Central and will probably stop by at some time (what are you human furriends talking about?!)

    • Belgian chocolate is the best says my dad. But he also loves Neuhaus.
      I think there was a lot of gossip at the party. But most of the time they were enjoying their Nespresso’s and so much different types of chocolates. I don’t like chocolate… They gave me a balloon, but it exploded the moment I started to play with it… 😦

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