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  1. I half expected to see Bowie hanging by a clothespin on the laundry line when I saw “Cat Laundry Day”…. 😀 But no doubt he will appreciate his nice clean bed tonight. I’m sure it was a bit sad doing Jones’ bedding but whenever Bowie has a “sleepover” companion, at least you’ll be prepared. A day of sun is a REAL gift – unless of course you’re here in Virginia where it’s 102 degrees and we’d love some rain!

    Pam (with Sam snoring on my lap)

    • I think the laundry line would break with Bowie hanging on it… 😉
      I read about the long-lasting drought in parts of the US of A in my newspaper today. And it was a few times on the TV-news over here. It looks like a real large-scale disaster. It just started to rain again this evening. Wish I could send you some…

  2. I don’t know why you are complaining about the rain? I love it! Just this morning I went into the garden, having me rained nice and wet and then had the greatest fun jumping on Mark and making him dirty! Also you can see my beautifull paw prints all over the floor and table. It’s just the rubbing of afterwards I don’t like to much…..

    • Nah, I don’t like the rain. I’m not a rain cat. I run as fast as Usain Bolt to get inside. But yes, I also love leaving those paw prints behind!

  3. We are finally getting rain today in the U.S. Midwest after weeks of a drought! With your frequent rainfall and our drought, it seems we need a redistribution of precipitation.

    I love the photo of the cat laundry!

    • The problems with the extreme drought in parts of the US were frequently in the news over here. Glad to read you’re getting some rain finally…

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