About The Weather

Bad weather always looks worse through a window. July 2012. 17° Celsius. A cold and rainy day. Where on earth is the sun hid away? While some would call global warming a theory, others would call it a proven set of facts. I just don’t care today. Sorry. I’m still not feeling well.

My three week vacation starts tomorrow. What’s up with this weather? Can we have some sunshine please? And pancakes?

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    • Keep on dancing Mark! Bowie just came running back inside the house because it started to rain, again…
      My birthday is coming up next weekend, can you do another Pagan Sun dance on Saturday please? Thank you!

  1. And we need a rain dance here. I simply cannot imagine 17 c. It is out of my living memory. We have cornered global warming in this part of the world. Most of the USA. 😦

    • I read about the heat wave in parts of the US of A. It’s been on the news over here. We got one of the coldest summers since almost 20 years. Some pessimist even said since 1901. But I can’t remember that summer… 😉

  2. Hard to imagine a chilly bit of weather…..we’re heading to the 100s again this week after a small break last week. Pancakes and sunshine make a lovely combination no matter WHERE you are but certainly since your vacation AND birthday are all rolled into one, you (and Bowie) deserve what you ask for!

    Pam (with Sam nodding in approval)

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