Jones 1994-2012

Goodbye my dear Jones.

We hebben vandaag Jones laten inslapen. Het arme dier was totaal op. Het ging niet meer. De laatste maanden hebben we nog met speciale voeding en medicatie geprobeerd om haar leven draaglijker te maken. Even leek het of de medicatie haar werk deed. En we dachten haar volgende week nog te verhuizen naar mijn zus. Maar deze week ging het plots slecht met Jones. Ze kon niet goed meer eten, wandelen of gewoon zitten en liggen. Op aanraden van de dierenarts hebben we Jones laten vertrekken. Ze is nu op een betere plaats en zal geen pijn meer hebben. Vaarwel lieve Jones. We gaan je missen.

Having to make the decision to end a pet’s life is never easy, and rarely has a clear cut answer. But it was time to put our beloved Jones to sleep due to old age and disease. The medication didn’t work anymore. I couldn’t sleep last night. I cried a lot. But deep inside I knew it was the best thing we could do. I know she’s in a better place right now. Without any pain. We will miss you dear Jones. 

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  1. I am so sorry. Jones was a beautiful girl and I’m glad she had a good and long life. You made the right decision but it’s so difficult and painful, and I feel for you.

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  3. So sorry Herman – I know how hard these decisions are, having done it myself…..Jones lived a long life, bless her, and to end any discomfort she was having was certainly the best “gift” you could give her for being your companion for so long.

    Thinking of you……
    Pam (and Sammy)

  4. Awww… Sorry to read that. I am sure Jones is in a wonderful place now, without pain, and she is thankful to have had such a good human for so long.
    To you, many purrs from me and thoughts from my human.

  5. So sorry to hear of your loss. We went through the same pain earlier this year, although my beloved Sammie was only young. Her pain and illness had ravaged her, and while I miss her every day, I know we did the best for her. All our best thoughts and wishes to you and Bowie as you come to terms with your loss. A lovely tribute for a dear friend!

  6. Ik pink hier een traantje weg, maar ik denk dat Jones geen beter leven had kunnen treffen dan bij de Ba. Rust zacht lieve Jones.

    • Voor de Ba was het niet gemakkelijk gisteren. Maar wat wil je, 18 jaar het gezelschap van een lieve kat die je nu moet missen. De dagelijkse routine van eten geven, er een babbeltje mee slaan, samen de tuin in wandelen etc… Gelukkig heeft hij ook goede vooruitzichten met de verhuis naar een nieuw, mooi en gezellig appartement.

      En de Ba zei ook nog: “Dit is erg maar niet te vergelijken met het afgeven van je zoon. Dat blijft pijn doen.” En dat is natuurlijk waar. Zo relativeer ik het verlies van onze Jones ook.

  7. Situations like that are always difficult. But Jones was lucky to have wonderful ‘staff’ who loved her very much. And she will be missed.

    • Two years later, as you so sweetly commented today . . . I’m musing that Mrs. Jones died a month before Fang . . . so in honor of both Jones and Fang, today I read a post of yours from back in 2009, before we “met.” So I see you had three more years with her, even despite her illness. I’m so very glad you had that time, and for the memory of your mother. I’m so glad we’re still here together, losses and happiness in memory still.

      Have you read “Flowers in Wrong Weather,” by Christopher Reid? He was missing his wife, who had planted those flowers . . . .

      and there’s another wonderful one on Isobel’s blog, about elephants, here . . . .

      Hugs and paw-pats to you all.

      • Thank you so much for this heartwarming comment and the links for the two wonderful posts. I’m glad too that we go a long way back and still following each others blogs.

        Hugs, my dear friend!

  8. Oohh, zo jammer…
    Ergens wist je wel dat het afscheid er zat te komen, maar toch komt het onverwachts…
    Slaap zacht lieve Jones!!!

    • Dank je wel Dixie. Het afscheid van onze Jones deed pijn en we zullen haar hard missen. Maar al deze lieve reacties doen veel deugd voor mij, en ook voor de Ba en Sis.

    • Dank je wel voor de reply Nati. Jones is heel rustig ingeslapen en heeft helemaal geen pijn gehad. Ze was zelfs tot op de laatste moment een heel sterke en trotse poes. We zullen haar missen.

  9. I’ve been busy so I missed this.

    There are no words I can say to you to make it any better. I went through the same kind of thing with Sparky, the cat which features in my avatar. On my homepage, there is a box at the bottom which says ‘To Sparky Wherever You Are’ and if you feel up to reading it, you can see you are not alone in your sadness.

  10. Sorry to hear about your loss. 😦 I feel for you and your father. Losing a furry friend/companion is such a horrible experience. The good thing is you guys got to have many years of good times together. Take care my friend.

    • Thank you for your compassion. It’s been a week today since Jones passed away. We still talk about her every day. I’ll probable post some more pictures of Jones in the future. It’s nice hearing from you on HoB.

  11. So sorry for your loss. I’m not otherwise religious but I do hope there is a place somewhere where our animals wait for us. And any heaven that does not take animals would qualify as hell in my book.
    Susan @ still missing Hobby and Wölkchen

    • Thank you very much for your reply Susan. It’s 3 weeks now since Jones passed away. We still miss her.
      I was wondering myself if we will ever see our animals again. If people like to believe that there’s a heaven, shouldn’t there be a place for animals too? I would love to see all of my cats again.

  12. How sad. Jones looks a great like our Basil. He was a Norwegian Forest cat. He was twenty years old when he went to kitty heaven. That was several years ago and we are still not able to get another cat. Mebbe soon. Virginia

    • Wow! Twenty years… I can imagine it must be hard loosing such a loyal friend. It’s almost a month since Jones passed away. We still miss her a lot. It feels so strange looking at the empty places where she used to sleep.

  13. Sometimes, the best way we can love our pets and protect them, is to make the really tough decision to stop their pain. We had to end the pain for our 17-year-old cat Solomon, I held him for both shots. It broke my heart, but he died peacefully. The next year when our 18-year-old cat Calla Lily died, my husband took over because I couldn’t do it again.
    You wrote a beautiful closing for Herman, obviously full of love.

    • Thank you very much for sharing your story. It’s always so hard to make that decision to stop the pain of your beloved pet. But deep down inside you know it’s the best thing you can do.
      Thank you for visiting HoB Marylin. Appreciate it.

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  15. J’ai dû prendre la même décision il y a quelques mois, dur à faire, mais c’est tellement mieux pour l’animal qui souffre et qu’on ne peut guérir !!! I think it’s the best decision to stop pain and let go in peace ! Mais ce chat est dans mon coeur à jamais !!!

  16. What a beautiful cat. I have had to make this call one, two, three times and know it will happen again (and probably again, because I keep a family of cats). I still cry for each one I have said goodbye to now and then. It is hard, but a privilege to take care of them when there is nothing left but to prevent suffering. They become part of us during their lives, and I think part of them stays with us — that best part that I see in your picture of Jones, so thoughtful and self possessed.

  17. A nice remembrance. I fear I am going to have to make this decision in the near future with my old cat. Done it many times before but it never gets easier.

  18. It is always bittersweet remembering a pet who has gone to the RB. Jones certainly had a nice long life, but that doesn’t make you miss him any less. You are in our prayers today. We hope you spend more time reflecting on all the wonderful years you had together than on the moment you decided to was time for Jones to go to his final rest. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  19. What a sweetie! I’m sorry to hear of this anniversary, which is always difficult. My first little fur ball love past away six years ago and I remember him every May 28th. Time does make it a bit easier but I still think about him every day. Maybe my Nicodeamus is playing with your Jones! 🙂

  20. I know your loss and am sorry for your grief. Cats are just so special, they never leave you even after they’ve passed on. I truly believe we see them again where there is no more suffering but joy. Peace.

  21. Oh how I feel for is the hardest decision we have to make even with a senior pet we want more time with them..we said goodbye to our sweet old girl at 17 and the decision was no easy one..we have had to say too many goodbyes and each and every one takes a piece of your heart with much as we hate the pain we would not be without the time we had with them.Rest in peace sweet Jones you are in the finest company at the rainbow bridge as all the best souls in the world are there.
    Please accept our hugs from down under Herman and the tears we shed on your behalf.
    Bev (Fozziemum)

  22. Rest in peace lovely Jones… I remember my old cat now… it wasn’t easy decision and feelings… we always miss him… You are such a nice owner, they are lucky cats, my love and hugs to you both, Love, nia

  23. 18 ans de beaux souvenirs que les photographies recréent.
    Quelle belle compagne au poil soyeux et à la robe élégante!
    Vous sentirez encore sa présence au réveil d’un rêve apaisant… car les caresses de nos petits compagnons sont éternelles.

  24. 0h – that’s sad! It’s a horrible decision to make, life can be very cruel – nothing lasts forever in this world. Have had to say goodbye to quite a few pets over the years, so I know how you feel. I hope your memories are sweet! 🙂

  25. It was such a hard time for you. Your decision to end sufferings of beloved pet is very compassionate even if it breaks your own heart. My Mother died in March 1999, and my cat Matthew in October the same year.

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