I’m a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. I love the 501 Original Fit Jeans. I’ll never wear anything else. But I hate big clothing labels – though they may look good sometimes. I always remove big clothing labels right after I bring my clothes home. It takes a few minutes to do the job correctly. Levi Strauss & Co should pay me if they want me to walk around with such a big label on my back or sell the 501 much cheaper.

Ik ben een t-shirt en jeans man. Ik draag alleen de 501 Original Fit Jeans. Er bestaat geen betere jeans. Maar ik haat (ik haat ik haat) dat grote label op de achterkant van de broek. Ik verwijder dit onmiddellijk. Als Levi Strauss & Co wil dat ik reclame maak voor de 501 mogen ze die broek wel goedkoper verkopen, niet?

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  1. I hate labels PERIOD…..they itch…..and you’ve made a good point about labels providing free advertising – I may write to the Gloria Vanderbilt people about the signage on my jeans! My hubby rips the labels off his Levis like you do – the labels are ridiculously HUGE. Bowie and Sam don’t have such worries, being nudists…… 😀

    Pam (with Sam)

  2. Ditto. Too much information out there. My friend says words are the new totems. They have power, they grab the eye and the mind. I want mine back.

  3. Oh nee, nu moeten we weer weken aan een stuk aanhoren hoe hard en oncomfortabel die nieuwe broeken zitten 🙂 …

  4. In the town where I grew up jeans were a sign of the working class poor. As soon as I went off to college, I swore I would never be poor enough to have to wear jeans again. And I haven’t…..been poor or wore jeans……..lol

    • Great comment, loved it!
      Someone told me way back in time that jeans represents a symbol of individuality and believe in personal freedom.

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