Fan Club

Bowie’s biggest fan. A surveillance camera took this picture yesterday evening. I don’t know who’s cat this is. No day passes without this obtrusive cat visiting the yard. Looking for Mr. Bowie I guess.

Why not start a fan club for Bowie – the cat? Get a group of cats to participate in events, catnip sharing, and other activities of the same interest. Create and sell custom t-shirt designs. I’ll think about it, but I’m too tired right now. Thank God it’s Friday.

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  1. Hmm….I bet it’s a female and she’s got “ideas” about Mr. Bowie….checking him out from afar….! Bowie is quite a handsome chap. If the cat is thinking it wants some of Bowie’s catnip stash – too bad…..that fence ought to be discouraging him/her but the power of catnip may be too much in the end. Should be interesting to see what – if anything – develops!


    • This cat knows how to get in and get out of the yard. She’s a real acrobat and takes advantage of a weak spot in the fence. I’m not going to tell where that spot is – I know Bowie’s following his own blog! 🙂

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