The old age of an eagle is better than the youth of a sparrow.

A little sparrow just came to say hello to Mr. Bowie. Bowie said “Shall we play a game?” The hunter and the hunted? Wisely, the little bird flew away. Bowie fell asleep with his paws up in the air. I wish I could sleep like a cat.

16 responses

  1. Prachtige foto’s Herman. Maakt Bowie ook leuke geluidjes als hij vogeltjes ziet om op jacht te gaan? Mijn bek trilt al in anticipatie op zo’n lekker hapje!

    • Ja, als Bowie een vogel of een ander diertje (of insect) ziet begint hij spontaan te ‘kwetteren’. Heel grappig.

  2. Ooo, Bowie’s got his ruffle in a fluffle! Oddly enough, I was just reading about a man who rescued a bald eagle and they became fast friends. Interesting sychronicity. Head-butts and here’s to sleeping paws up.

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