Reach Out

Reach out, I’ll be there Mr. Bowie. My Dad, 87 years old, paid me a visit last evening at nine o’clock. He took his bike and went out for a ride. I enjoyed his company, and so did Bowie. Dad and Mr. Bowie drank some water. I ate chocolate cookies! Though I missed ‘The Tree of Life‘ – written and directed by Terrence Malick – I really had a great time talking to my Dad.

De Ba op bezoek. Gisterenavond kwam mijn vader nog onverwacht langs. Hij had zin om met de fiets een tochtje te maken. Ik miste wel een film die ik eigenlijk wou zien maar familie is toch wel wat belangrijker, niet? En zeker als je 87 jaar oude vader langskomt.

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    • Thank you. Dad’s ready for a next big step in his life. He’s moving out to a new apartment later this year.

        • Thank you. Dad’s looking forward to move to his new apartment. He’ll be meeting lots of new people over there. He now lives an isolated life in the countryside.

    • ‘t Is altijd mooi als die twee kerels samen zijn. Ik heb het al eerder gezegd, als de Ba eraan komt is Bowie onmiddellijk daar!

    • Thank you Pam. It’s always amazing to see how Bowie and my Dad keep each other company. They always sitting side by side. Very funny…

  1. There is so much I love about this photo and enjoyed learning about your dad. This shows a good example of what cats seem to do sometimes (on purpose?) – stand just slightly out of reach! 🙂

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