Don’t Give Up

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Well almost… I was there just in time. So please tell me, what’s wrong with my yard? What have I done to deserve this Mr. Bowie? I wonder if he’s going to find the one remaining weak spot…

Net op tijd. Er waren nog twee zwakke plaatsen te ontdekken voor Bowie. Eén heeft hij al gevonden. Nog één te gaan… 

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  1. Daar gaan we weer….onze Roger kan beginnen broeien op een nieuwe oplossing!!!

    PS: een elektriciteitsdraad op dakgoot… is dat ok? (grapje)

    • Heb de potten al op een andere plaats gezet.

      PS: ik zal eens een elektriciteitsdraad aan de voordeur leggen… 😉

  2. He’s a smart cookie! Maybe plant some catnip, if he likes it he might be less interested in leaving. I have a catnip plant in a pot that I started this Spring. It’s only about 4 inches tall and Slash keeps biting at the leaves already. I hope it makes it! In the meantime a friend gave us some freshly cut catnip from their yard and he absolutely can’t get enough. He especially likes it outside in the morning.

    Another idea: a long tiny rope or heavier string makes for nice play time. We have a soft cat ball toy too. He plays so much harder when he’s outside. These are things I try when Slash’s attention turns to hunting or wondering off.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts. Bowie is so cute I can hardly stand it!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I’m going to buy some catnip plants this afternoon (if the local garden centre got it in stock…).
      There are no cat toys outside. Maybe that’s not a bad idea. I’m going to try this one out too. Thanks!

    • Cat Protectress…wonderful ideas! You clearly know your cats! We have indoor cats but their favorite string is the silk string you would use for necklaces; they go crazy for it.

  3. Bowie is a force to be reckoned with! He’s determined to be FREE…..this may call for more of that chicken wire – although I have to admit, hanging a piece of chicken wire from the gutter/roof wouldn’t be the most attractive sight in the world…..your boy has a major stubborn streak that’s for sure. 😀

    Pam (and Sam)

    • Remember the Sting song – “If you love somebody, set them free”.

      What about this idea: All that chicken wire – maybe I can buy some chickens so Bowie got some friends to play with outside… 🙂

      • Oh indeed I do remember that song :D! Something tells me that buying some chickens for Bowie to play with might be somewhat hazardous for their health (the chickens health that is!!). Besides, that catnip you got him just might do the trick……I hope.

        Pam (and Sam)

        • Stay tuned! I just took some great pictures of the catnip effect on Bowie!!
          Okay, I’ll forget the chicken thing…

    • Hey Heidi, welkom op HoB. Blij je hier te vinden!

      Bowie is duidelijk een harde… Ik zal er rekening mee moeten blijven houden. Ik denk niet dat hij het gaat opgeven nu ik die potten op een andere plaats heb gezet. Ik vermoed dat mijn schoonbroer nog wat constructies zal moeten ineen knutselen…

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