Work In Progress Part 2

Gabion wall construction placed! My brother-in law surprised me today. He already placed the metal brackets on top of the gabion wall. We have to wait a few weeks for the black welded wire so in the meantime he used chicken wire. A wire fence may not be a thing of beauty, but it isn’t meant to be. It’s meant to keep Mr. Bowie inside the yard. Okay?

Bowie came outside to see what was happening…

But looking at his expressive face, he didn’t seem amused.

Constructie reeds geplaatst! Mijn schoonbroer & Sis hebben me vandaag aangenaam verrast. De zelfgemaakte beugels staan al op de schanskorven. Voorlopig is er kippengaas draad gebruikt omdat we nog een paar weken moeten wachten op de zwarte omheiningsdraad. Bowie kwam onmiddellijk kijken. Maar ik denk niet dat poesmans het leuk vindt…

23 responses

  1. Uh oh….Bowie does NOT look like a happy camper….he truly DOES have an amazingly expressive face. There’s no doubt about THIS particular expression though is there?!?!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Dear Mr. Bowie, I can see clearly that you are not thrilled with the new addition to your fence. I believe you should think of it as an added layer of protection for your territory. No giant tomcats or St. Bernards will be peeing in your yard… And if things are meant to be with your girlcatfriends, they will find a way to visit you in your newly reinforced territory. And if it wasn’t meant to be, maybe your human will get you new apps to take your mind off the heartbreak…

  3. LOL, Bowie you are the Daniel Craig of cat land….walking carefully over jagged rock, climbing rock walls. You’re twice as agile as Bond….you could be 014 (2 x 007).

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