Big Trouble

Nederlandse versie staat onderaan.

Houston, we have a problem. Bowie went awol. Not once but twice. Probably even more than I think. Bowie is going over the gabion wall. It’s a dangerous world out there on the other side. Big mad dogs running wild. Fast driving cars. Crazy people. Zombies. Bird lovers. So I’m going to keep Bowie inside for a while. Got to find a solution. Sorry my dear friend. Be patient. Patience is one of the most important qualities to develop if you care about personal growth. We’ll work it out.

Grote problemen in de tuin. Bowie mag voorlopig niet meer naar buiten. Poesmans is al enkele keren over de schanskorven gekropen. Een serieuze tegenvaller maar ergens had ik dit wel verwacht. Mijn schoonbroer werkt aan een oplossing. Er lopen honden los aan de andere kant. Grote wilde honden. En fanatieke duivenmelkers. Ook zeer gevaarlijke wezens. Sorry Bowie, ik neem geen risico. Even geduld a.u.b. 

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    • I was in agony for hours… I went searching for him in the dark with a flashlight. Shouting and calling his name. He finally returned home at 23:15h. I think he was wondering why I was so upset…

  1. I understand. And it IS very scary out there. That’s why June Buggie has to stay indoors. Even though he does try to escape sometimes.

    • I’m glad that Bowie didn’t saw ‘Prison Break’, the American television serial drama, on TV. There’re still a few weak spots to discover in the fence… My brother-in-law is already working on a solution.

  2. Don’t you love it when they stand up on their back legs like that? So cute.

    I’m glad to hear he came back.

    • Yes, I loved it too when Bowie is standing on his back legs. He looks so tall! He’s a big boy now, but he should stay at home.

    • I know, it’s natural behavior of a cat to go discovering the world outside the window. Especially when there’re females waiting on the other side of the fence.

  3. EEEK. It truly is a scary world “out there”….in our yard it’s foxes on the prowl in addition to the usual. Sam goes out with a harness and leash when it’s dark and with one of his human parents (smile) during the day. At his age he doesn’t really wander – just lies in the sun and enjoys life – but once they know they CAN climb, they sure will! Bowie looks adorable standing up on his hind legs saying “yeah – sure – no problem – this is a cinch!”…..

    Pam (and Sam)

    • I used to go out with Bowie in a harness and leash too. Nowadays there’s a fence around my yard to keep him inside. Bowie is always looking for some weak spots… But we’re working on that…
      PS: Thanks for following HoB. Appreciate it.

    • Ik was er echt niet goed van… Lang geleden dat ik nog zo ongerust was. Morgenmiddag komt mijn schoonbroer langs op de situatie te bekijken en dan een oplossing uit te werken. En dan maar hopen dat Bowie niet op zoek gaat naar andere zwakke plaatsen in de omheining. Spijtig dat er nog enkele zijn…

  4. Yikes! I’m glad Bowie returned from his walkabout… Kitty & I are indoor cats – too many zombies in this neighborhood, I suppose. Good thing you got him an iPad. That will give him something to do while he’s on lockdown.

  5. Denk niet dat er zulke grote netten zijn. Maar misschien een net over de tuin te plaatsen? Aangezien je al grote schuttingen/muren (hoe heet het?) hebt. Hopelijk heeft je schoonbroer een idee!

  6. I am so glad all ended well – I remember the first time Sammie went AWOL – 3 sleepless nights. She sauntered home at 6 one morning as if to say – had a great weekend mummy – time for a nap, I am a little tired, and promptly went up to bed! I was so relieved to have her home!

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog again! Please come back to join in on my photo challenge!! I just posted the details on what to do, I would love to see what you have!! Thanks!

  8. That’s a fantastic picture, Mr. Bowie. Such elegant curves. A sign of good breeding. (Might have to refuse some food to get through those bars, though…)

    • Thank you. Think Bowie got a problem with refusing the food offered to him. He doesn’t know how to refuse it politely.

      Congratulations for your success with The Vibes. Well deserved Mark!

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