Fight For Your Right

Express Yourself. “Cats are always talking – not verbally, but with their bodies,” explains Carole Wilbourn, cat therapist and author of The Total Cat: Understanding Your Cat’s Physical and Emotional Behavior from Kitten to Old Age (Collins). “You can get to know your cat’s language. Be an astute observer, and you’ll be better able to understand what your cat is expressing.”
Cats are good body language communicators – if you know what to look for. Cats have more muscles in their face and head than humans do to express their ever-changing emotions. Watch your cat’s face carefully and you may learn a lot.

Now look at Bowie’s face. What is he trying to tell me?
“I want my iPad back!”

18 responses

    • Ik zal er de app van Jeroen Meus opzetten (jaja, die heeft een app beschikbaar). En dan zal je wel een iPad kopen!

    • Wat wil je… Dan krijg je een mooi kado maar je krijgt het niet in je pootjes. Er is altijd iemand anders mee bezig…

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