Sunshine! Finally, the sun broke through the clouds today, and there’s little to no wind. I love this. Going to enjoy this. Just relax. Enjoy life every day. Think about guilty pleasures. Noir de Noir chocolate. Black coffee. Ahi sashimi.

Going to an Apple Premium Reseller later today. I’m going to buy or order an iPad 3, probably. Bowie’s birthday gift. Isn’t life grand for cats?

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    • Thanks. Got some beautiful close-up shots of him in the yard today. I wanted to buy a decent camera but Bowie asked me to get him an iPad. So I’ll keep using my compact Ixus. 😉

    • Thank you. Dad’s working in his garden. I’m just relaxing, doing nothing… lying in the sunshine… I love spring and summer.

    • Hey Cole, nice meeting you and thanks. But my birthday is coming up in a few weeks actually… Stay tuned, you’ll read about it in time.

  1. Aloha, Bowie! I know you seem very relaxed in that photo, but I know you are hard at work thinking about household security or something equally essential. And that’s why you deserve an iPad for your birthday! I wish I could mail you some ahi sashimi for your birthday, but aging it is a bad idea…

    • Being a cat isn’t easy. We do age much faster than humans… Looking forward for my iPad though.

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