Dancing Horses

Bring On the Dancing Horses. Bring on comfortable outdoor furniture. Outdoor lounge suites. Set the stage. Set the tables. Place chairs. Proper soft garden lightning. Fairy lights in the trees. The balloons and streamers. Centerpieces to the tables and banners. MP3 player with speakers. Cool jazz music. Clean the crystal, china and silverware. Stock the bar. Display food. Bowls of chips and chocolates. A water purifier. The old board games. Set up clean-up stations. Check the medicine cabinet (catfight…). Keep noise levels to a minimum. Notify the neighbors.

Still here? Ready to take the blue pill? Okay, you’re invited to the Pudding Fest later this summer. What’s your favorite flavor?

21 responses

    • An excellent choice! Giving away a secret: honey, cane sugar & Côte D’Or Noir de Noir. Warning: You’ll never want any other pudding after this one …

    • Had to look this one up… ‘Ahi’ seems to be the Hawaiian name for tuna? Am I right?!? Aloha, dear Pedro? Fish pudding? Though Bowie prefers salmon.

      • Great job breaking down the language barrier! 🙂 I’ve never actually had ahi pudding, but ahi is the best food in the universe so ahi pudding is bound to be great! Salmon??? I’m thinking maybe Mr. Bowie has never had fresh, pink, delicious ahi sashimi…

        • Dear Pedro, sashimi… in this part of the world we believe that you have to cook or boil your food. Don’t know if Bowie shares my opinion… 😉

    • Hey felino, welcome on HoB!
      Thanks for your comment. We both love the yard. In fact, Bowie is so happy that he never tried to break out of the yard.

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