Message From My Cat #5

First crop. What is this!?! The grass tastes awful! It just made me throw up in my mouth a little. I’m going to review my rights and file a complaint. It’s a disgrace!

Editor’s Note: Dear Mr. Bowie, I understand your complaint. But please keep in mind, you were not eating cat grass; it was Pennisetum alopecuroides, a.k.a. Chinese Fountain Grass or in Dutch ‘Lampenpoetsersgras’. And please do not throw up in your dad’s living room. He doesn’t like that.

32 responses

    • If I look into Bowie’s eyes I can always tell if he is happy (most of the time) or sad, truthful or insincere (never), wants to play or just left alone. Something about him feels more human than other animals. I think…

      • I totally agree. One of my cats are like that. I have no doubt he is more intelligent than my other cat. His name is Tex. (I have another blog about him, you’ve seen it)

        • Surprise, I knew I was following 2 blogs in Norway but I didn’t knew they were both yours. I liked your videopost about the cat fight! Really funny…

          • I was surely very lucky with that video. I had no idea Tex was going to attack his sister at that moment…

  1. Aloha, Mr. Bowie. I applaud your placement of the grass vomit. Clearly your human’s landscaping is inferior and unsuitable. If he fails to replace the offending grass with cat grass, I recommend vomiting on his pillow.

    • Bernadette, my dad is completely devoted to me. I’m pretty sure about that. And I’m in control: I just give him a piece of chocolate with a black coffee and he’ll do everything for me.

  2. Bowie – ask dad to plant some parsley! Tastes so good and eliminates the tuna smell after a good fishy dinner!!!! Ps – love your photos – Sammie the cat!

    • Hey Sammie, welcome! Dad loves parsley, he gets it from his dad’s vegetable garden.
      I would love to see some more pictures of you on your mom’s blog! Please ask her…

  3. At least Bowie threw up on tile floor vs. carpet. Easier to clean up. See, he’s looking out for you. 🙂

  4. What goes in must come out as well! Beter clean on the inside me thinks. Just a waste that you did it on an easy cleanable spot. Who raised you!???

  5. Hi Bowie….I have a similar problem with grass. I love the stuff but it doesn’t always love me. I make it a point to try and “aim” for an easily cleanable area such as you did on the linoleum. I do hope your human noticed your attempt to make his life easier in that special way. 😀 My friend Pedro had a point though about the TYPE of grass that’s being made available to you…..pillow vomiting DOES send a very clear message!


    • Hey Sammy, welcome on HoB! Bowie says meow.
      Our dear friend Pedro was right about the type of grass, yes. Though he made me laugh… pillow vomiting… Ha ha ha! Or was he serious about this? 😉

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