Le chat: la propreté qui respecte la peau.

Let mercy come and wash away all that I’ve done wrong. Mercy on me, oh say that I’m forgiven. And wrap your arms around me. To your goodness I surrender. Without mercy where is goodness? Won’t you have mercy on me?

Just another thought on Easter Monday. Can you excuse us, please? We’re taking the rest of the day off, again. Although it’s raining now…

8 responses

  1. Ik kan deze voormiddag geen vrijaf nemen want wie zal er anders voor “the balls” zorgen…???
    Jij Bowie???

    • Nee, ik mag zelfs niet mee komen eten straks. Maar de Ba en baasje kijken er wel naar uit. Misschien brengt baasje wel iets mee voor mij in een doggy bag! 😉

    • Thank you, it’s one of my favorite thoughts for years. But I’ve to be honest with you, this is not written by me. It’s based on a Prefab Sprout song, ‘Mercy’ from the album Jordan: The Comeback (1990).

    • Welcome on HoB Russel Ray. Thank you for following my blog. Appreciate it!
      Campsite looks clean and okay!

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