Some Sweet Day

Anything worthwhile will not come easy or by chance.

I bought me a pair of running shoes. Got to change my life radically now the mountain bike days are over. I wish I could tell you I could run like the wind blows. But I don’t feel like running. I’m not like Forrest Gump. I’m not going anywhere.
I also bought some cozy outdoor garden furniture and a nice sling chair to relax. Guess I’ll be so busy doing nothing… Having a Nespresso. Having a chocolate attack. Watching the sun come up. Watching Bowie play in the garden. Watching Bowie sleep in an empty shoebox. Watching the sun go down. Enjoying the little things in life and fall asleep with comfortable running shoes on.

“Some sweat day we’ll get there in the end. Some sweet day.” –  Edwyn Collins, Searching For The Truth

A big fish on the hook


De bike hangt nu al 20 maanden aan de haak. Ik krijg de knop niet omgedraaid. Waarschijnlijk is die intussen vastgeroest. Betekent dit nu dat ik ga hardlopen? Wel, ik denk het niet. Zeker niet als volgende maand de tuinmeubels worden geleverd. Gewoon gaan genieten van de kleine dingen in het leven. Dat wordt het doel, mijn nieuwe levensbestemming. Oké? 

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