True Blue

Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed.

British Shorthairs are sometimes referred to as “British Blue”, but the breed actually comes in many colours, patterns & markings. The term “blue” refers to the gray-blue colour also known as gray or “Maltese.” This neutral tone takes on different tints at different times, sometimes appearing bluish or almost lavender. The apparent tint is affected by variation in coat shade and texture, as well as variation in lighting and background. Blue cats can be difficult to photograph accurately.

Most of the time, Bowie looks gray on my photos. But not yesterday. He looked really cool. And blue. True blue. In a world without Photoshop.

Vroeger kwam de Britse Korthaar voornamelijk in de kleur blauw voor. Tegenwoordig zijn er veel verschillende kleuren zoals lilac, crème, chocolate, cinnamon, schildpad met wit, zilver tabby etc. Op de meeste foto’s lijkt Bowie een grijze Brit te zijn. Maar op bovenstaande foto ziet hij er wel echt blauw uit. Zonder Photoshop te gebruiken.

11 responses

  1. He is a cutie! And glad to see the love of boxes is universal! Sammie is always in and out – add crumbled packing paper and it is like Christmas, any time of year!

    • Bowie is rather a big cat but he makes himself small if he sees an empty tiny shoebox. Cats and boxes, so predictable but always funny to watch.

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