Weak Spot #6

“There must be some kind of way out of here.” Said the cat to the tree.

Chain link fences protect a yard well. They provide a means for keeping large animals and difficult neighbours outside of the yard, and pets and my few close friends within the confines of the yard. However, very smart and innovative cats like Mr. Bowie can find ways to get through the fence. Today, he discovered weak spot #6. Michael Scofield (a.k.a. Wentworth Miller) told me that there are seven. But the advantages of a cat-friendly-fence largely outweigh its disadvantages.

This tree has a special meaning to me. It’s an Osmanthus tree. My mother planted the tree more than 20 years ago. It reminds me every day of why family is so important. We still miss our mother. And our brother.

16 responses

  1. Gelukkig voor Baasje heeft Bowie zijn gewicht niet mee. Anders was hij al lang aan de andere kant van de omheining komen piepen…

    • Jawel hoor, zelfs tot helemaal bovenaan, op zoek naar de mussen. Maar die waren uiteraard al lang gaan vliegen… Ik geloof dat er ergens wel een foto van staat op HoB.

    • I was waiting for the first reader to spot this… Congrats!
      I got a watchtower picture ready. Stay tuned, I’ll post it one of these days.

      Btw, sorry that your replies weren’t published earlier. WordPress.com thought they were spam. I don’t know why. Again, my apologies. I will look into it.

      • I’m guilty of quoting from classic rock myself…don’t worry about the replies, and I’m not sure why mine have been ending up in others’ spam folders, mostly, it seems, on European blogs. Just my instant karma…

        • I always like to ‘change’ the quote a little bit…
          I’ll keep checking the spam folder en replace your replies if necessary.

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