Road to Happiness

Be worry-free. Anxiety can make you physically sick… Accept responsibility. Take time to make decisions then stand by them… Think positive. Find the good in people; do not malign them with gossip… Stifle jealousy. Being envious of others makes decisions in your life dependent on them… Forgive. You do not have to forget wrongdoings, just do not be consumed by hate; your happiness is at stake… Extend kindness, especially to animals e.g. cats… Appreciate. Count your blessings and remember nothing is perfect… Socialize. Spend time with happy people and they will influence you, especially those living nearby… Expect change. Do not be upset with change, it is inevitable, it is the norm… Stay healthy and happy. Happiness lengthens lives of healthy people and their cats.

(The Road to Happiness: Ten Steps to Build Contentment)

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